Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The Stranger - A Communication Theorist View Essays - French People

The Stranger - A Communication Theorist View Throughout history people have been judged on their color of skin, gender, social status and physical characteristics. What makes people judge others? Could it the way they were raised, or maybe their culture that they have lived in had an influence on how they judge people. I think that those might have an influence, but I think the human race is inherently judgmental. Communication theorist have say that the way we perceive someone is part of our everyday communication and are adopted the usually the first time we meet someone or if we have had a bad experience in the past associated with a particular group. In the book The Stranger by Albert Camus , the main character Meursault will eventually have his life sentenced to death based on the way people perceived him towards his Maman instead of being charged with murder. The title of the book confused me at first after I had finished reading the book. I couldn't see why it was called The Stranger. After discussions in our class and pondering this question ,I came up with my answer. The reason the book is titled the way it is, is the way that everyone in the society and those who interacted with Meursault perceived him as a stranger because he hardly showed any emotion in his life. At least that is what I have perceived and it is my only logical answer that I could get to that question.

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