Thursday, February 6, 2020

Personal Statement Adjust(including) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Personal Statement Adjust(including) - Essay Example For instance, when I was in high school, many people were inconsistent in communicating the truth. I was disappointed with this immoral behavior and empathized with the victims who suffered from the lies. Moreover, I am a witness to the problems that the society suffers on failing to master their communication skills. For example, when I was younger, I discovered the negative effects of poor communication. I had several embarrassing conversations with my friends that left us at crossroads. In one such occasions, my friend called me to write an email to all my classmates with a nonspecific subject line such as ‘’meeting.’’ In such a scenario, the recipient, who may have more than one meeting to attend may not understand which meeting this is and may even delete the message, think it is an unsolicited email, and fail to attend the reference meeting. This would lead to a blame game, confusion, loss of objectivity. In addition, last summer I joined an internshi p program with American and Assurance. This assignment required me to adopt formal communication skills that were quite a challenge compared to the informal language we used in school. In this assignment, I leant that the modes and language of communication varies with the audience. In addition, I have also had many formative experiences that manifested the use of varying communication skills that led to breakdowns in communication. Indeed, people may speak too fast, too slowly, or constantly use some complex words that are too cultural or difficult for everyone to understand. Hence, the communication becomes a jargon to the audience thus loosing effectiveness. As such, simplicity is encouraged in communication for purposes of involving the participation of many in a addressing a given issue. Indeed, we have cases where employees and lawyers use complex legal or financial terms that confuse the general audience. More practically, where a tutor or a student uses jargons during a Powe rPoint presentation, the audience loses interest and the presentation lacks sense subjecting it to possible failure. With this knowledge, I can now understand the importance of good communication skills in a presentation. Indeed, I can use such skills to boost teamwork and presentation of effective findings in a workplace setting. Failure to have good communication skills will equally affect my strength leading group discussions, teamwork, or in student organizations. Consequently, during the internship, I realized that I needed to improve my communication skills. Thus, when I studied at Foothill College, I took two classes in psychology to learn more about human behavior and emotions. In fact, at school, my participation and my studies have not only been to make new friends and acquire knowledge but also to improve my communication skills and learn about the significance of human behavior. Notably, while at the college, I became a member of the Hong Kong International Club and an a dministrator for the School Environment Club. These were leadership positions that warranted high integrity and better communication skills. At these positions, I had the mandate to w to give public speeches, inform the stakeholders on various issues, organize the students for a given purpose, and lead from the front. I hence learnt to analyze and understand what club members wanted, how we

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