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Animal Testing Is A Significant Controversy Across The...

Animal testing is a substantial controversy across the nation. According to Rush, Catherine M. et al. â€Å"Animal Models to Investigate the Pathogenesis of Rheumatic Heart Disease.† Frontiers in Pediatrics 2 (2014): 116. PMC. Web. 27 Oct. 2016., animal testing has been around for quite some time. Her article states that â€Å"Animals have been used repeatedly throughout the history of biomedical research. Early Greek physician-scientists, such as Aristotle, (384 – 322 BC) and Erasistratus, (304 – 258 BC), performed experiments on living animals. Likewise, Galen (129 – 199 / 217 AD), a Greek physician who practiced in Rome and was a giant in the history of medicine, conducted animal experiments to advance the understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and pharmacology. Ibn Zuhr (Avenzoar), an Arab physician in twelfth century Moorish Spain, introduced animal testing as an experimental method for testing surgical procedures before applying them to hu man patients.† Nevertheless, it is still needed in today’s society. There are many reasons for why we need animal testing in our lives. One could be the sheer fact that small animals, such as mice or guinea pigs, provide us with a living organism, like ourselves (humans), to test and make the observations such as â€Å"if we did this, then that would happen†. Other considerable examples would be the testing made on living animals for the benefits of research into basic biology and diseases, evaluating the efficacy of new medicinalShow MoreRelatedFur Of The Fashion Industry1107 Words   |  5 Pagessurrounding the use of animal furs in the fashion textile industry? When the learner was a little girl, she loved animal books and grew up reading the stories about Three Little Bears, Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and fell in love with all these stories. Most notably there has always appeared to be a good guy and a villain and so as the learner grew she would always fight on th e side of the underdog; with this in mind, the older the learner became her love for animals and fashion also grewRead MoreThe Animal Of Animal Welfare Act1851 Words   |  8 Pages Animal Welfare Act Casandra Sasaki Eagle High School Abstract The Animal Welfare Act, passed in 1966, establishes guidelines for the protection of animals used for research and other purposes, defines the requirements for facilities housing those animals, and outlines the procedures for inspection and maintenance of those facilities by government entities. This paper explores the pros and cons of the act as well as the effectiveness of the guidelines and their enforcement. FinallyRead MoreThe Issue Of Animal Experimentation Essay3299 Words   |  14 PagesCool† The issue of animal experimentation has been hotly debated in regards to many aspects of the problem, such as the rights of the animals and the beneficial results that come from animal experimentation. In the year of 1989, the United States Supreme Court ruled the first victory for pro-animal welfare in the Silver Spring Monkey case when seventeen monkeys had been held captive under inadequate living conditions, and were subject to experimentation that was deemed animal abuse ( ForRead MoreThe Body Shop, Corporate Social Responsibility Essay6824 Words   |  28 PagesAssignment Corporate Social Responsibility Analysis of The Body Shop Date 29 January 2010 Word Count 5477 Grade 75% Table of Contents Preamble 1 Introduction 1 Corporate Social Responsibility 2 Opposition to Animal Testing 3 Support for Community Trade 6 Environmental Protection 9 Evaluation 11 Conclusion 13 References 16 Appendix 1 20 Preamble The objective of this piece of work is to undertake a critical analysis of the cosmetics companyRead MoreGenetically Modified Organisms ( Gmo )3037 Words   |  13 Pagesgenetically modified organisms has had a broad impact among nutrition research and biotechnology (Herman 2003). Even though the use of genetically modified crops is not considered to be relatively new, recently the media has seized control over the controversies regarding the use of genetically modified organisms. Overall, it is important that food, whether developed by conventional means or through biotechnology, such as genetic modification be safe and free from major health risks for the American societyRead MoreThe Hidden Monster On The Shelf3211 Words   |  13 Pagesdevelop further testing possibilities of new diseases caused by GMOs, consider the effects of a GMOs based economy, and let the public understand fully what GMOs really are. Furthermore, GMOs are found in a long list of foods that are consumed daily. Along with the GMOs come the dangers they pose to humans. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine reported that GMOs could eventually cause immune problems and accelerated aging (Smith). Along with this notion, some animal studies showed directRead MoreIs Biotechnology A Vital Issue That Impacts All Of Us?2562 Words   |  11 Pagesthat impacts all of us. Development of genetically modified organisms is one of the highest achievements of this technology (Khan, et al. 2012). Due to global population growth there is a rising threat to food security. According to the United Nations Food and agriculture Organization (FAO) the widely accepted definition of Food security is that food is available at all times; that all persons have means of access to it; that it is nutritionally adequate in terms of quantity, quality and variety;Read MoreAmerican Vs. Russian Space Program2237 Words   |  9 Pagesand promote the space program. When Roscosmos and NASA joined together, other countries of the program increased their efforts, however the United States and Russia continued to dominate the majority of the construction of the ISS. Though the two nations competed against one another, each hoping to gain victory, the majority of society remains unaware that the idea, which initiated the Space Race, arose from a Nazi rocket developer Wernher von Braun. â€Å"From his teenage years, von Braun had held a keenRead MoreLas 432 Research Paper: Gmos20901 Words   |  84 Pagesorganisms that live within it. The thesis of this report is that Genetically Modified Organisms have distinct benefits with the potential to help starving nations, combat disease and create economic growth; however the research and true benefits to humans in general is underdeveloped and under-regulated. This uncertainty leads to controversy, possible environmental impacts and health concerns. An idea good in concept, Genetically Modified Organisms creates a topic of discussion and the necessityRead MoreThe Controversy Over Genetically Modified Foods ( GMOs) Essay2221 Words   |  9 PagesThe Controversy Over Genetically-modified Foods The genetic engineering of foods has, in one sense, been in existence for hundreds of years. The first time Gregor Mendel bred different varieties of pea plants to observe the various traits present in their offspring, the concept was born. Today, genetic engineering has developed into one of the most complex and advanced fields of scientific thinking, all the while provoking many questions and acquiring many opponents along the way. While there

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